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Siesmic Audio & Production



The studio features Studio One Digital Audio Workstation software and UAD-2 processing and hardware with almost the entire UAD-2 plugin library.  The UAD-2 is the plugin “gold standard” and used by countless big name producers and engineers on Grammy winning recordings.  UAD-2 brings truly analog sounding results to the digital environment and makes for huge, thick, punchy sounding mixes. Everything is controlled through a massive and stunning 55” touch screen display.  The mix room is perfectly treated to provide a neutral and excellent mixing environment to insure that your mixes “translate” to the “real world” accurately once they leave the Studio. 

We are more suited to mixing and overdubs, and post production work.  For full band and drum track recording we have partnerships with several studios around to town to lay down the basic tracks bring in to our house studio for vocals and over dubs.  We can also mobile record basic tracks at any suitable acoustic environment that might be available to record in.  We have a full complement of quality condenser and dynamic microphones to capture your performance.

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