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Siesmic Audio & Production

live pa

I have over 35 years of mixing experience at many casinos, rock clubs, and many private events.  I have mixed for the likes of Quiet Riot, Paul Allen Band, Spike and the Impalers, Randy Hansen, Sir Mix A lot, Evo Floyd (formerly “Echoes” – Pink Floyd tribute).  Although we do a lot of pop, rock, R & B bands, and Rap Hip Hop shows we also done Salsa bands, notably Tromboranga an internationally renowned touring salsa production (they told me the sound I did for them last year was the best they had that year – after already had played 35 shows on some really big stages).  I have been mixing on digital consoles for more than 15 years.  What that means for you is that I have many templates for great sounding mixes ready to go and get you up and running fast. 




I have a brand new custom made PA which is deceptively small however really packs a punch.  In its largest configuration it consists of 4 - 18” tapped horns rated at 3,400 watts each and powered with 3,000 watts per cabinet for a total of 12,000 watts to the bass cabinets alone.  The tapped horn cabinets are 4 times more efficient than bass reflex design cabinets commonly used so the output is more like 8 or more 18” speakers in acoustical output.  You can virtually feel the wind from the bass standing 2 feet from the bass cabinets.  The Mid-High cabinet is a double RCW 12” high output low distortion speakers housed in a horn loaded cabinet with a BMS 230 watt coaxial driver for the high end (one of the highest output and lowest distortion drivers on the market).  The RCW 12” speakers are rated for 1,000 watts per speaker for a total of 4,000 watts to the mids alone.  The system is capable of producing 134 decibels; a lot more than is ever needed.  The point being the system has a ton of headroom which translates to great transient response (very "punchy" and very low distortion).

Digital mixers


We have 3 -  32 channel digital mixers; 1 in console format and 2 rack mounted versions.  The system is fully scalable to do smaller rooms and larger outdoor events for 1,000 people or more.  The rack mixers can deliver precisely the same processing as the console so that a snake and mix table/position is not required in situations where space is limited.  A very small configuration can still deliver a massive amount of sound.

monitor system


The monitor system is 6 – Radian 12” biamped wedges on 6 discrete monitor mixes with total of 2,000 watts available to each monitor (Radian is a highly regarded manufacturer of  concert PA speakers and drivers).  The Radian 12 is a coaxial speaker with a 2" driver on the high frequencies.  What that means is for vocals the presence and clarity is unmatched.  You typically only find monitor with 2" drivers provided by larger concert sound companies.  Dave Rat with Rat Audio designed the monitors (Dave Rat has been the sound man for Red Hot Chile Peppers for over a decade).  We can provided additional monitors and discrete monitor mixes when and if required.  We can also set up your personal “IN EAR” monitor mix to your specifications when required.


Multi track recording of live performances 

In addition to the live PA services I offer multi-track recording of up to 32 tracks to capture and document your performance (for re mix in studio at a later time).  If you get some quality video from the same performance you are in a position to produce a very high quality live video with great audio to accompany it.  See the RECORDING page to get an idea of what is possible as well as audition my mixing “sensibilities”.

Microphones & Direct boxes

Shure SM57s, Shure SM58s, Shure Beta 91, Sennheiser E855s, Sennheiser E902s, Sennheiser E602s, Rode NT5 condenser mics, Audio Technica AT4041s, Audix D6

Radial Active & Passive Direct Boxes 

                      2019 Emerald Downs Independence Day Party with the RETROS


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2019 Lake City Summer Fest with JOE DORIA and friends

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